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Teamwork Makes for Smoother Sale

teamwork-1Did you ever think about the fact that when you go to your doctor, he has a full team of professionals in place to care for you? Imagine if he didn’t: You walk in, and your doctor comes running out to greet you, clip board in hand and asks you to sign in. He takes you back to the scale, weighs you, takes your blood pressure and then examines you. Once he finishes, he jots some notes in your file, writes out your bill, and waits for you to pay.

This seems pretty silly, but it’s the way most real estate agents work. They price your home and may provide suggestions for showing your home. They put a lock box up, put up the sign, input the listing into the local listings database, and type up a flyer (if there is a picture, it is usually taken by them). They follow up on showings by other agents. All the while, they are working with buyers, showing property for hours or even days at a time.

And this is only the beginning–they also must follow up with homes in escrow, termite inspections, city inspections, physical inspections, appraisals, and lenders. It makes us tired just thinking about it.

When do they have time to sell your home?

No wonder the biggest complaint from sellers is lack of communication. You’ll find a different experience with Sandy & Bill and The Humphrey Team. Our support staff –Teri & Jackie — will handle all of the behind-the-scene details, leaving us free to do what we do best–personally help you stage your home for showing, market your home to other agents and to the public, and negotiate the best price and terms for you.

Our team structure also means that there is always a member of our team available when you need us. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reach your agent, only to find that he or she is out of town or unavailable. Working as a team insures that we can provide our clients a level of service well beyond that of an individual agent — we are dedicated to making each of our clients feel like our “only” client.

Your Move Should Be Easy!

teamwork-4Under the best of circumstances, there is a lot of stress, pressure, and emotion involved in the actual moving process, so we work hard to ease this burden for our clients. Time always flies on moving day, and one of the most difficult aspects of a move for many sellers can be cleaning the house for the new buyer–coming back to a vacant house which holds nothing but memories just to scrub floors. Their heart is on to their next home, where it should be, so we don’t allow our sellers to clean their homes after they move. We bring in a cleaning crew to do the job instead — all at no cost to our sellers

Our goal is to provide the epitome of excellence in real estate service by continually adding new services for our clients and constantly working to improve our customer relations. It is an incredible thrill when we receive a call from a new client saying, “We’ve been told that if we are buying or selling, there is no other choice than Sandy & Bill and “The Humphrey Team”.